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New Poem: “The Truest Love Poem I Shall Ever Write”

I’ve loved you since my childhood.
I’ll love you till I die.
Your immaterial material being
has made me laugh and cry.

I know each nook and corner,
I’ve walked each street and path.
And though I’ve left in person
I left behind one half.

I catch you in my thoughts
quite often unawares,
no matter where I am
I’m caught up in your snares.

I miss your tree-lined streets,
I miss your chimney smoke,
I miss the fog horns to whose sound
I oftentimes awoke.

I miss your tough, hard people
with their surprising warmth;
unsurpassed hospitality
made me forget all want.

I miss you; yes, I miss you
wherever else I go;
You have me, I am yours
no matter where I go.

For I cannot forget you!
there’s no home left for me –
I couldn’t stay with you
and no place else appeals to me.

I’m lonely all the time now
though not for want of folks –
for want of you, my hometown,
and your sweet, soothing voice:

The voice of sea gulls screaming,
of factories and fog horns –
the rhythm of my heartbeat;
the voice that calls me home.

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New Poem: “An Ode to Decay – the Life of Fungi”

Arising from the ground, outspreading careless waxy limbs
that’s merely periscopes that on its hidden body climbs,
unfolding innovative shapes that plants may envy but never copy,
unrolling laces or upbearing knots or plates, swift, carelessly,
with white eyes eying us out of its reddish head
from tree roots (where it feeds on those already dead),
unworldly and unwieldly, standing on its own
and though so carefully with all of nature interwoven;
fungi, you resourceful old recycler and renewer
you scare me, not because of fear of poison (though that too
might be sufficient reason to fear most of you)
but more than anything because I know some day
I’ll have to meet you in a most intimate way –
in death you’ll find me since you live by feeding on decay

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New Poem: “Hellfire”

You fired me with love, set me ablaze
In a slow-burning, everlasting craze

And then you fled, forgetting in your speed
to give me remedies against the heat

And I burned up, yet kept on burning
overcome with such deep yearning

for your eyes, your smile, your… all!
How could I so deeply fall?

Now consumed with fire, I can tell:
This love is the only existing Hell!

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New Poem: “A Pocket Full of Empty Space”

somewhere between brevity and perpetuality
there is an empty space
where our shared memories rest together –
never lost and never severed –
somewhere between change and constancy,
a state beyond expression
and beyond the limits of thinking,
there is a pocket full of knowledge –
and between present and past
somewhere in-between all the known and un-known
there is a place
where we know each other still, and always have

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New Poem: “Its’ Own Making”

There seems to be
in society
strict expectations to a poet’s production

I’ve often been told
that my poems
are useless to reform society

Why should I write
to reform society?

There’s tons of other people who
wants to do –
so why me too?

Why can’t you just let poetry
be poetry,
untarnished by political intrigues
and hollow statements

I have no wish to reform society
through such statements
aimed at a few people
with even fewer thoughts

I will much rather reform
each heart that has been hurt,
each eye that has seen horror
and turn tears of agony
to tears of joy

by removing layer by layer
the shadowy veil over people’s eyes

The veil that has been placed
partly by politics

And allowing them to reform themselves
at their own pace, in their own Way –
without signing them

each reader a poem


So that, when afterwards the ballots
have been forgotten
on a beautiful summer’s day
where happy, healthy people
have retired to the beach –
splashing in the water,
building castles in the sand,

all real –

the politicians will look at one another
and out through the toned glass sheets,
and none of them will understand
that it wasn’t
of its own making

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New Poem: “On the Road Between Copenhagen and Oslo”

Large blocks of rough-hewn rock
adorned with conifers and firs
which in the cooling breeze stirs;
one after the other, each solid block
in many tones of grey and pale brown shines
in tribute each to their adorning pines

Sunshine has struck
for short a while, then the cloudcover again
dims the bright light, and warns of coming rain

We’re midway to our destination
that’s Olso, from Copenhagen,
and driving somewhere midthrough Sweden
where we pass along
endless roads through forests of pine-trees
where trees and rocks and trees is all the eye sees

All sense of distance,
time and place seems to have left me,
I can no longer single out a singular tree
and as the clouds exchange
now with us plain the blessings of the rain,
I gently drift into a dreamless sleep again

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New Poem: “Prayer For a Dreamless Sleep”

Many months have I been haunted
in my sleep
by names and faces, unknown places
and I weep
upon waking from each nightmare, aching
with desire
to sink into a sleep, a dreamless void so deep
that even the night-time stars expire

I go to bed to shut my head
down for a while,
to rest my body and my mind together,
but visions wild
tear at my sanity, and when I wake painstakingly
I feel more tired
than I did the night before, before I went to bed;
if someone hears this prayer, a dreamless night’s my sole desire

Just one night freed from the fight
in my own head,
to sink into a thoughtless void
as deep and dark as dead
and wake refreshed next morning, feeling blessed
from restful sleep;
it’s all that’s left for me to long for –
a dreamless sleep (an off-switch), just a deep, sound sleep

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New Poem: “Dreamy Milky Nothingness”

my dreamy mindless numbness;
display affections without cue
and touch me with a soft caress
but always out of tune

your strings are struck and softly
play me your tune of solitude
although surrounded by so many
people living in numbness too

my dreamy milky nothingness;
who dance to a note out of tune
unwilling to stand up and face
a world so realistically tuned