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New Poem: “lost another night”

a night sticks to my face
and breathes my eyes shut –
ears open, quiet un-calm carefully listening brain –
who, where, what, when – why? –
eyelid slithers back a bit in question,
darkness firmly presses it back down,
chides me “sleep” –
but how, when, where, with whom and why? –
both eyes spring open
face the darkness that accuse me –

brain brushes sticky night away –
“i am my own light!”

so lost another night –

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New Poem: “drawing out meaning”

landslide, mud that rush through mind
and falls out of mouth –
breathless rumbling noise
wallows in itself,
aroused by thought –
sticky mud that drips,
a putrid smell that lingers in the air
when silence regains hold
and everything
is said –

it can’t be washed away,
the fetid layer of my feelings
stick to everything –

i drag a stick through the mud,
i try to draw out meaning
and retrace its origin –
all i achieve is a pushed button,
thumbs up,
‘what a great drawing!
could you draw me as well!?’ –

it’s all the same,
it’s time to start over
all again
and always in vain –

draw it out so that
the mud can’t slide, kept down,
locked up and viable
as inspiration – never smellable
to anyone else than I,
and never as beautiful
as when presented for admiration
on a canvas –

and the irony when people say
they like it, they relate to it, and
“can you draw me too!?”

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New Poem: “i know that i know nothing -“

i know that i know nothing –
that is the curse of intelligence –

i think i should right people’s wrongs
but how
when no word comes out of my mouth
without being followed
by its opposition
woven together by strings of thought –

i open my eyes and is met with worry,
laughter, shaking heads –

no, the world must find its own way
with the people who live therein –

i will think in peace instead –

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New Poem: “i would dance if i could”

i would dance if i could and the earth never shook
and the future never failed and became the past –
i would dance, but i can’t
since tomorrow’s unsure, and today won’t really begin –

i would dance if i thought that i could and i ought
and i had all the options i thought i should have –
i would dance but i can’t
since the world weighs down and kills all attempts at song –

i would dance if the world and i was young
but we’ve both petrified in our ways –
the days go by – they pale and die
and i can’t lift a foot – so i stay –