About My Artwork

I have been doing various types of artwork my entire life – only, when I was younger, I didn’t consider it art.

It was around the age of 20 that I started taking art seriously, and started wondering what I wanted to do with it and say with it, besides just having fun making it.

That was when I started practising for real, and questioning my style (or lack of at the time), and consciously working towards where I am today.

What Themes Do I Cover?

The themes of my artwork is heavily geared towards nature. Understanding and appreciating nature.

Other themes I explore from time to time are feelings – primarily those of alienation and isolation.

I try to stay clear of becoming political in my artwork – I don’t have the energy for discussing identity and suchlike. I may touch on those things in my poetry, but I stay clear of it when it comes to art. Art is my refuge in a sense. It is not something I make to provoke or start debates. It is something I do because I feel a need to.

What Materials Do I Work With?

I prefer drawing over painting, and monochrome over colour.

I have a strong preference for graphite sticks and graphite powder. However, I also work with ink, charcoal and charcoal pencils, soft and hard pastels (never oil), acrylic paint (again, never oil) – and on very rare occasions watercolour.

Apart from that, I also spend a good deal of time on (macro) photography.

At the moment, I am displaying some of the more recent examples of my artwork here on the site, and I will add more as I get the time to do so.