to the girl

are streams of music, tones of rain
and moisturizing breaths you share,

are a song that comes and goes –
unnoticed though by most –
that follows me asleep, awake,
and lives inside my palms

breathe out tenderness and contours,
breathe in life and dance
and paint a life with nothing
that has meaning


curls of heat that stir the air
on a hot summer’s day
and fuses floral scents
with everything, everywhere

are everything I see –
you are in flowers, are in trees,
are in valleys, are in hills,
in the earth and in the sea

a breath of freshness
yet to be renewed
in waves that lap these
strands of welcoming seas

and a continuous harmony
playing its soulful airs
of tension between sea and sands

and YOU
as you recline and you observe
the ordered mayhem you create –
that is created from you –
spiraling outward from you
in its warm, entangling curls

a softness like the finest silk,
a moisture like the thickest mist,
a penetrating scent of life and light

and YOU
who just perpetuate –
who just persist –

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